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Plower has engineered, sourced the best components and tested relentlessly to create an electric conversion for the Land Rover Defender series. Whether you want to go environmentally friendly, have silent off-road safaris or just improve your acceleration speed at the traffic light.

The electric Defenders are ready for every climate and all day use. The electric engine and liquid cooled battery packs are certified and deliver constant level torque improving the off-road capabilities and acceleration of the Defender. The range provides you plenty of capacity for a long adventurous day out. When you do need to top up, the fast charge controller will have you back on track in no time. 

  • Available for the Defender model 90, 110 and 130 

  • Plower reduction gearing for high constant torque output 

  • Ability to use standard high/low gearing and differential lock for demanding off-road use

  • Optimal and balanced battery placement for low center of gravity

  • Regenerative braking for optimal energy use

  • Impact proof and waterproof Plower engineered battery housing 

  • Center mounted EV performance control unit with touch screen display 

Technical specifications:

Maximum power: 214 bhp / 380Nm torque

Continuous power: 160 bhp / 300Nm torque

Batteries: +75 kWh of highly efficient liquid cooled battery cells 

Range: +260km (official range tests to be finalized)

Wading depth: 800mm 

Kerb weight: Just 300kg heavier than a standard 90 / 110

Operating temperature: -20 °C to +50 °C

Fast charge: Ready

Plower electric defender underbonnet.png
Plower electric defender underside.png
Plower electric defender chargelead.png
Plower electric defender dials.png
Plower electric defender HV connectors.png