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Plower specializes in rebuilds and upgrades. Whether it is your trusted old workhorse car that is in need of some well deserved attention or your lifelong dream vehicle we can help you getting it right. If you don't have a Defender yet, we can help you find the right platform car to start the journey. From simple modifications to custom development to bolt-to-bolt rebuilds we choose not to cut corners and only work with carefully selected suppliers and genuine Defender parts for the best results. 

For a general rebuild we use/offer the following level of detail, dependent on the state of the vehicle and your wishes we will make a specific plan for your Defender.



Although the platform of the Defender delivers a solid base with good performance we have identified some key areas in which we can improve upon your Defender. Whether it is additional speed, power, off-road capabilities, comfort or just safety you are looking for, we know what to do to take it to the next level.