ARB Tyre puncture repair kit

ARB Tyre puncture repair kit

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For quick and easy repair of tubeless radial and cross ply tyres, without removing the tyre from the vehicle or rim.

TYRE PRESSURE GAUGE Quality pencil type tyre gauge with dual pressure range and dual chuck.
INSERTION TOOL Spring steel insertion needle
LUBRICANT Jar of lubricant for easier insertion
VALVE accessORIES Additional valve accessories including valve core tool, spare valves and valve caps
REAMER TOOL Hardened steel reamer tool
REPAIR CORDS 30 self vulcanising repair cords for complete air sealing
ALLEN KEYS 2 Allen keys supplied for tool disassembly.
CARRY CASE Quality high visibility orange blow moulded case to keep contents protected

Ideal for off-roaders, 4x4's, tractors, trailer, quads, ATV, golf buggy's and any other vehicle where you need to fix a puncture quickly and easily.
Get on your way again with the ARB Speedy Seal.