ARB maximum performance twin portable compressor 12V - CKMTP12

ARB maximum performance twin portable compressor 12V - CKMTP12

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The ARB CKMTP twin portable compressor was specifically designed as a compact sized yet high performance compressed air source for rapid inflation of large tires, and to suit the high volume airflow needs of most air powered tools. The ARB twin portable compressor is a world class recreational product designed and built to commercial / industrial standards to survive harsh and demanding outback conditions. 

  •  Compact twin motor, dual cylinder design makes it the highest flowing portable compressor of its size on the market at 174LPM [6.16CFM]. 

  •  Constructed entirely of light weight, high strength engineering grade materials, including military and aerospace standard components. 

  •  Integrated aluminium air tank and pressure switch regulates pressure between 930kPa [135PSI] and 1030kPa [150PSI] suited to most air powered tools. 

  •  Mounted in a waterproof carry case constructed from a durable impact resistant polymer. The carry case has convenient compartments for storing the air hose and other compressor accessories. 

  •  Built with sealed components for moisture and dust resistance. 

  •  Hard-anodized cylinder bores and PTFE (Teflon) impregnated carbon fibre piston seals for reduced friction and maximum trouble free life. 

  •  Ducted IP55 sealed brushless DC cooling fan and anodized motor mounting brackets effectively dissipate heat from the motors, heads and electronics allowing for a 100% duty cycle (under room temperature conditions). 

  •  Anti-vibration / sound deadening is integrated into the mount. 

  •  High density and high flow washable sintered bronze air filter element. 

  •  Pressure switch and relay equipped electrical system prevents run-on when not filling, or any damage to compressor or hoses as a result of the pressure generated from a kinked air line. 

  •  Illuminated isolating switch is easy to see at night, and protects the user from hazardous sparking when connecting the alligator clips to the battery terminals. 

  •  Equipped with dual heavy duty Maxi-Fuses for professional in-line circuit protection and true circuit redundancy in case of a fault. 

  •  Motors are water sealed, 100% ball bearing equipped (i.e. no bushings), and feature a unique linear brush pre-load system for extra long life, low heat and quiet operation throughout the life of the unit. 

  •  Motors are internally thermal protected against extreme temperature damage. 

  •  Compressor pistons are equipped with a European made high shock rated roller bearing. 

  •  Over-pressure safety valve equipped as back-up protection from either pressure switch failure, thermal over pressure generated in a hot vehicle (i.e., no need to drain pressure when finished use), or accidental connection to an external high pressure source. 

  •  Fully serviceable and all replacement parts available. 

  •  Hose couplings are specially designed corrosion resistant, one-handed (push-lock) quick connect type to suit US Industrial Standard air fittings (Ref: compatible types listed in detailed specs). 

  •  Integrated EMC noise suppression to protect sensitive auto electronic systems. 

  •  CKMTP is certified compliant to; EN 55014.1 (AS/NZS CISPR 14.1) and meets or surpasses the following Australian and European directives; 2004/108/EC – EMC directive. 

Consists of:

 Fully assembled and tested air compressor and air tank mounted into a water proof carry case. 

  •  Canvas compartment for storing air hose and compressor accessories. 

  •  Complete wiring loom with automotive grade alligator clamp type battery contacts, and a pressure switch driven automotive relay control circuit. 

  •  OEM quality IP54 rated illuminated compressor isolating switch. 

  •  2 x splash resistant air filters with washable high-flow sintered bronze filter cartridges. 

  •  6 meter [20 ft] long high quality abrasion and heat resistant air hose with male to female couplings. 

  •  Air blow gun with US industrial standard male air fitting. 

  •  Inflation accessories kit including high-flow tyre filler attachment (US industrial standard) with integral stop-valve, a Schrader valve to US industrial standard adaptor, and extra nozzle attachments for inflating items such as sports balls, air mattresses, etc. 

  •  Comprehensive photo illustrated operating instructions. 

    Product Dimensions:
    -LENGTH 478 mm 18.8 inches 

  • -WIDTH 355 mm 14.0 inches 

    -HEIGHT 186 mm 7.3 inches 

    15 kg
    Product Colour:
    Grey / Blue