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For Land Rover Defender 130 HC only

  • Aluminium alloy construction for superior strength-to-weight ratio

  • Up to 40% lighter than competing steel canopies

  • Naturally UV stable and corrosion resistant – will never rust (even if scratched)

  • 100% recyclable

  • Easy DIY fitment in 45 minutes or less

  • Requires no drilling or assembly

  • Includes built-in roof rails for the fitment of load bars, a roof rack, awning, solar panels or a rooftop tent

  • 3-door opening and full-length side doors (on DC) for maximum canopy access

  • Centre flex, waterproof hinges – prevents rainwater dripping into the canopy when the doors are open

  • Structural roof brace doubles as internal tie-down rail for cargo (no drilling required)

  • Internal base frame creates additional lashing points for overland, camping, or workhorse applications

  • Strong aluminium construction and tamper-proof locks for better security and peace of mind

  • A tried and trusted canopy since 1999

  • Pioneered design and the first-ever aluminium adventure canopy made

  • Preferred canopy for the 4×4 rental fleets

Alu-Cab started out building aluminium canopies, although we offer a wide range of innovative off-road gear these days, we still pride ourselves on being canopy specialists.

  • Aluminium vs Fibreglass: Our canopies are manufactured from aluminium which has superior strength to weight ratio, thus it is lighter than most of the popular breglass competing products.
    This inherent strength allows the Alu-Cab canopy to carry more load than any other canopies.

  • Aluminium VS Steel: The Alu-Cab Canopy is much lighter than any of the steel canopies available on the market, for example, the Alu-Cab Canopy for the Ford Ranger DC is up to 40% lighter than the competitors steel canopy.

  • The Alu-Cab aluminium range of canopies offers the perfect solution for daily use, work, utilities, expeditions, hobbies, sport, holiday, camping and other application one sees fit.

  • Due to the large range of accessories that we offer our customers are able to convert their canopies to suit their different needs.

  • Alu-Cab Canopies are very easy tofit, even an un-trained fitment team will be able to fit the canopy in less than 45 minutes.

  • This fully recyclable metal doesn't rust or weather.

  • Besides the advantages of aluminium construction, our canopies have been designed for ease of use, with 3 doors opening up for easy access to your load-bin. Inside the canopy, the roofcross braces double as tie-down rails, as does internal base frame, so you can attach accessories to the canopy's interior, sides or roof without any drilling. Or you can use the tie-down rails as lashing points to secure your cargo.

This versatility means that it's entirely possible to use your canopy as a workhorse during the week and an overlanding unit on the weekends and holidays. The best of both worlds!