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Plower has set its goal to deliver the first full electric conversion for your Land Rover Defender.  The sheer beauty and excellent off-road capabilities of the Defender combined with the clean constant torque of an electric engine creates an irresistible car. Next to this, Plower aims to create the best Defenders possible and it offers a range of services including full rebuilds, specialist improvements and overland / expedition fitting. We can help you with every step along the path to create your dream vehicle. From vehicle sourcing, simple modifications to dedicated custom development, we create bespoke unique vehicles working only with the highest quality suppliers and specialists on the market.

Our love for Defenders came from growing up in the countryside, where the trusted farm workhorse 110 was always around. Usually fully loaded for the odd job around the farm, the Defender proved to be a strong and reliable vehicle. The +70 yearlong history, functional design and beauty of this vehicle made us fall in love. The farm long gone, we have found new ways to incorporate the Land Rover Defender in our lives. As a streetcar, family car, overland and expedition vehicle the Defender still remains our daily drive. Although factory production of the Defender grinded to a halt in 2016, we feel there are plenty more of Defenders out there to keep the heritage going. We just want to make the good, a bit better.


Our Services



The outdoor, nature loving and adventurous spirit of the vehicle makes you wonder why it doesn't come electric? Plower has engineered, sourced the best components and tested relentlessly to create an electric conversion for the Land Rover Defender series. Whether you want to go environmentally friendly, have silent off-road safaris or just improve your acceleration speed at the traffic light, the Plower electric conversion delivers improved driving capabilities for your 90, 110 or 130 Defender. Read more



Plower specializes in rebuilds and upgrades. Whether it is your trusted old workhorse car that is in need of some well deserved attention or your lifelong dream vehicle we can help you getting it right. If you don't have a Defender yet, we can help you find the right platform car to start the journey. From simple modifications to custom development to bolt-to-bolt rebuilds we choose not to cut corners and only work with carefully selected suppliers and genuine Defender parts for the best results. Read more



Defenders are a great platform for all your adventurous trips, from the simple family weekend away to long overland expeditions to explore the world. Plower can supply you with everthing you need, from electrical setups, body and roll-bar protection, camping accessories to complete pop-top roof conversions. We help you getting the setup just right for a journey of a lifetime and are happy to share our own experience along the way. Read more



We are open 08:30am to 17:30pm Monday to Saturdays. Please contact us before you visit as we are not always in the workshop. If you are not able to visit during regular opening hours please let us know so we can make an appointment during evening hours or in the weekend.